Enumerable Operators

The Rx framework mainly consists of Observable operators. Some of the observable operators could also apply to IEnumerable<T>, so the Rx framework includes these operators for enumerable sequences.

These operators may be applied to any enumerable sequence:

  • Amb - Given any number of sequences, returns the first sequence that yields a value.
  • Asynchronous
  • Catch
  • Concat - Concatenates any number of sequences end-to-end.
  • Defer - Redefines the sequence each time it is enumerated.
  • Dematerialize - Translates a sequence of notifications into a regular sequence.
  • Do - Given a single source sequence, Do returns a sequence that, when enumerated, first invokes a delegate for the source value and then yields that value.
  • Finally
  • Generate - Generates a sequence by invoking a delegate.
  • Let
  • Materialize - Translates a regular sequence into a sequence of notifications.
  • Memoize - Caches the results of enumerating a sequence as they are enumerated.
  • MemoizeAll - Caches the results of enumerating an entire sequence.
  • Merge - Combines any number of sequences by yielding an element whenever one of the source sequences yields that element.
  • OnErrorResumeNext
  • Prune
  • Publish
  • Remotable - A serializable holder of a MarshalByRefObject wrapper around the source sequence, allowing the sequence to be accessed through .NET remoting.
  • Repeat - Generates a sequence that repeats a single value or sequence, either infinitely or a given number of times.
  • Replay
  • Retry
  • Return - Generates a sequence that has only a single value.
  • Run - Enumerates the entire sequence, optionally invoking a delegate for each element of the sequence.
  • Scan - Executes an accumulator function over the entire sequence, optionally with a seed.
  • SelectMany
  • Share
  • StartWith - Prepends a value onto a sequence.
  • Synchronize
  • Throw
  • Using
  • Zip - Applies a binary function to two source sequences, yielding each result of the function.
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